Collection: Robin Tanner

An exhibition of original etchings by the pastoral British printmaker Robin Tanner.

In later life, Tanner became an extremely popular artist; he was noted for his love of the English countryside and of course has strong connections with Bath, Wiltshire and the West Country where he lived for most of his life.

Influenced from the outset by Samuel Palmer, though perhaps more significantly by William Morris, Tanner remained true to the English pastoral tradition with his fellow students, Graham Sutherland and Paul Drury. He began etching in the 1920s but a career as a teacher and later as a schools’ inspector slowed his artistic development. It was not until after his retirement in 1964 that he managed to indulge his passion for printmaking. Although at odds in later years with the artistic mainstream, his love of traditional country crafts and the Wiltshire environment made his contribution to the history of British printmaking particularly significant especially at a time when such values were seeming to decline.

Larkhall Fine Art specialises in the etchings of Robin Tanner; please enquire if other images by the artist are desired.

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  • Wren and Primrose
    Robin Tanner 1904-88
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